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Light on CSR

Posted: September 19, 2010 in Corporate, General
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Are you Socially Responsible? Read more on CSR on wikipedia. You’ll see that it doesn’t require you to be a big corporation to do be involved in community development.

(Agbaj’wo l’afin san’ya: building confidence/stronghold in unification)

Earlier, the better:

I remember growing up in Abeokuta, myself and couple of friends (esp in RA, BSF and Rock Force, cultivated) the habit of celebrating our birthdays in very remote villages, prisons, remand homes and motherless baby homes.

Being part of some youth organizations, I have continued this effort to some extents in the last 3yrs.

Sharing Life Issues with Chaz B:

Sharing Life Issues with Chaz B, a radio program that has extended to saving life has really touched a lot of lives on air. Moved with their efforts, I knew they could do more with little input I could put in, I then dedicated a website to this effect,

Along with TIEN Initiatives of CBP, sharing life issues has been organizing Counselling Sessions, Community services etc. They even have baskets at malls and public places for donation “still good” used clothes, shoes etc for distributions to the needy.

The radio show has showcased NGOs doing outstanding stuffs out there that you can plugin to. Call 0700-CALLCHAZB or 08139009000 or mail me.

I mean, people are doing stuffs, what about you? Gifts and provisions worth NGN2k isn’t too much. Just visit Hearts of Gold or Ile Aanu at Gbajumo,Off Adeniran Ogunsanya.

Solar Jooce:

Recently I partnered with Mr.David Agbakoba(USA) and Mrs. Anne Osagie (Nigeria) of Solar Jooce, an NGO dedicated to helping the less priviledged living in areas without electricity, by providing them with Solar Lamps sponsored by well-meaning Nigerians Individuals that knows what it means to be Socially Responsible.

(Visit today to sponsor a community)

CSR in Action:

I was also involved in the development of a website for Mrs. Bekeme Olowola of RedBee Communications. The website, CSR in Action (, educates and informs individuals, NGO, government and corporate bodies of CSR opportunities around us and showcases organization’s CSR efforts.

You can also visit this site to find where you can be relevant to the society without leaving the comfort of your beautiful homes/offices.


Enough being said about those that I know, there are a lot that I don’t know. We do not need to be an octopus to reach out to others.

Do not wait until some deed of greatness you may do. Do not wait shine the light afar. To the few responsibilities near you be true. Brighten the corner where you are.

The development of our nation takes communial effort. Be a significant part of it. You don’t have to be a public office holder or a big director to do this.

One minute test:

Is your heart telling you to do something about it? Have you chosen a date instantly?
If your answer is yes with a date, then you have a good heart.
If your answers is different from the one mentioned above, then….read the question again until your answer is yes with a date.

Let’s build our Future.

God bless you. God bless Nigeria.

Regular Posting

Posted: September 18, 2010 in General
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Been off my blog for awhile, not as a result of lack of what to post,but when online, I have a lot of work to do.

Being the Managing Director of a big company like Nextek Platforms and spending time with my family itself is a fulltime job that I love so much that I’m almost not missing blogging.

But just got this here, a lovely WordPress app on my android. “Make blogging sense die!”

Sure will be posting my mind often. Might be getting some on FB and twitter but definitely here.

Thanks for viewing this anyways.


These are few lessons I pinned from MJ’s life:
Lesson 1: Michael Jackson started turning white because of vitiligo. Dont let your limitations stop you.

Lesson 2: Even if the whole world turns against you, dont turn against yourself by giving in. You just stand, because thats what MJ did.

Lesson 3: When you want to give it back to the people frustrating you, be polite about it because it hurts them more like that than exchange of words esp at the court room. MJ sang a lot of songs, esp PRIVACY on all those of dem haters. He SANG a song, not a NEWSPAPER article or YELL back at their barking like dogs. He’s a gentleman’s gentleman.

Lesson 4: When you are down, dont shy away from admitting it, but look at the sunny side of life that it can still get better. MJ didn’t just walk away like that, he died putting his best to get back on his feet. Which he did. Lessons from MJ.

Learnt from you dude, so rest in peace MJ. Say us well to our Lord and master Jesus Christ. Do some dancing for him, he’ll love it. Thats why God created you from the same precious stone (the same he used for that bad dude, looser lucifer) and not mud.

Odufuye Bamidele Michael

There are a lot of articles you can read about MJ. But the only thing I can say is that I was lucky that I didn’t idolize the only idol i have. I have hopped and prayed MJ would die when I become big boy so I could do something great for the dude. I have prayed to see him before he leaves this planet. He’s the only person that can come to Nigeria and I’ll join the massive crowd to see him come down of the aircraft just to catch a glimpse of him.

I’ve been obsessed with MJ since a kid but I’ll run a retro from this morning to where it all began:
This morning 11am: I got out of traffic, entered the rain to buy credit so I can do a call-in to a radio show on 92.3 to pay my tribute to the gone legend.

This morning 5.30am: When my wife called me to break the news, I was driving, twas 5.30am, I parked and then my temperature increased seriously I could feel it. I had headache. I turned on the radio. And the next song was, “I’ll be there”… I couldnt help but cry because…Twice (ashamed)…. I love Michael Jackson

This afternoon: I opened my blog again because I want to write on what I feel about MJ’s demise.

Yesterday afternoon 2.30pm: Entered into a hot defensive argument on how legendary my King of POP is. They marvel at my defense and how I analyze the guy as if we are best of pals.

June 7, 2009: Download the June 6 pix of MJ and his kids strolling without mask. Guess he just beat it.
MJ and Kids

May 2009: Dowloaded pix of MJ, on his first outing without mask

Early 2009: Made one RSS bookmark that will craw different website esp google search engine to give me the latest news of MJ. I wrote it in PHP and few JS scripts. This failed me the day MJ died, because PHCN f**ked up and Papilo (Generator repairer) failed to fix my gen since afternoon.

Early 2009: Downloaded MJ’s pixs as he was leaving the hospital on a wheel chair.

Early 2009: Listen to MJ’s elder bros telling us Uncle MJ is sick. The dude couldn’t handle media.

Early 2009: Greg Nwakunor, Guardian Life magazine was doing an interview for me on one of my achievements as the winner Best Use of Technology at the Future Nigeria Awards. He asked me who do I want to meet. As a techie guy, he expected to hear some techie names. He was shocked to hear “MICHAEL JACKSON” after Jobs and Gates. He asked why. My answer was; “He’s a unique person” (Read Guardian Life:

Early 2009: Downloaded an ABC interview of Akon on his FREEDOM album and what was it like to have worked with MJ. He said, MJ is the most humble man in the industry that he has ever worked with. He is indeed.

Early 2009: My staffs are beginning to think something is wrong with the way I listen to MJ’s music. So I had to reduce it.

2008: Download a lot of pix of MJ, joined a lot of MJ fanclubs, both official and unofficial. Downloaded a lot of MJ MP3. Deleted them all after 6hours because if I don’t I’ll IDOLIZE him… For the 1st time visited

2002: Invisible threw me off guard
1998: Would playback MJ’s video tapes I had rented from friends and Video clubs. Would play them back and dance and sing till I could sing every word and every note. (couldnt do any of the dance).

1998: Wished for half of MJ’s skills.

1998: I have a lot of CDs but the first CD I’ll buy with my money is MJ and Cece Winans. I bought HISTORY album because the other one… I dont know where it went.
MJ History Album
1997: Refused to return a friends’ HISTORY 2CD album. He wanted it so badly but I wouldnt give it. Sorry o.

1996: They taught us not to idolize anyone in our life, not even money. This made me stay strong and would not wear anything MJ. No MJ tattoo and no MJ stuffs again, but will always love him and listen to his music.
Younger years: I like little MJ in that Cowboy hat and that guitar and wish to be this great and will play guitar. I got my first guitar in 1998 (b-day gift from dad and mom) and I’m already great, watch-out for me!!!

Younger years: MJ inspired my guitar skills.
Younger years: I would rehearse and rehearse to be able to sing like MJ.
Younger years: Cannot count the number of times I had day-dreamed to be one of the kids that move around with MJ. Day-dreamed of being in the studio with him. I love him.
Younger years: Could fight anyone talk ill of MJ. still did that till yesterday and can still do that today.


I can go on and on but at least I know, at birth, I was named MICHAEL.

Michael Jackson, Rest in peace dude.
Loving memories of you.
Odufuye Bamidele Michael

Last weekend, myself & my fiance visited Obantoko (where we lived when we were in school). We passed this place in the photos. I call it this place because…as in… wetin u wan make I call am… furniture… or carpenter… or welder…. but sha, the guy wants us to know say LEVEL DON CHANGE.

As many peeps wey wan make dem level chnage b4 d end of ds year, JOIN today so that ISE MA YATO!!!


I have been driving for donkey years. I would think I should have noticed the little secret on my dashboard that was staring me in the face the whole time…I didn’t…and I bet you didn’t either…

Have you ever rented , borrowed or Stolen a car and when arriving at the petrol station wondered…mmm, which side is the petrol filler cap? My normal solution was to stick my head out the window, strain my neck and look, try to see in the side mirrors or even get out of the car!!!!

Well ladies and gentlemen, I’m going to share with you my little secret so you will no longer look like Ace Ventura on your way to the petrol station or put your neck at the risk of uncomfort , injury or Hijackers .

If you look at your petrol gauge, you will see a small icon of a petrol pump? The handle of the petrol pump will extend out on either the left or right side of the petrol pump? If your tank is on the left, the handle will be on the left? If your tank is on the right, the handle will be on the right (see photo). It is that simple!

I don’t know how you feel right now but when I found out this morning I felt cheated!

WHY don’t the dealers share such important information with car buyers?

I don’t understand why this isn’t in the Highway Code or even the car manufacturers manual??

I don’t get why any mechanic I have ever been too or know has even thought of mentioning this to me??

The only possible explanation can be that all these people probably don’t even know!

Go out and share the worlds best kept auto secret with your friends as this information is way too important to be kept secret.