About Dele

Dele OdufuyeMy name is Dele Odufuye, the MD/CEO of Nextek Platforms (formerly tsaboin tech world, before being acquired by Venerate Group). Poised to raise the technology level of this nation higher than international standard.

In pursuit of this, he bagged the 2008 Nigeria Future Awards ‘Best Use of Technology’. He also won the same award the following year. He is affiliated with leading IT, Business and Youth development groups in Nigeria, some of which include PHP Nigeria Group, Barcamp, Men and Mentors, Rise Networks, YNaija and The Future Nigeria.

He has also been listed amongst the top 50 young Nigerians to look out for as Nigeria clock 50.

  1. Hey dude! This is pretty kool and snazzy.Thumbs up man!

  2. ayo adeluka says:

    genius ,this is lovely ,well u never fail to impress me,u ve always been the best in thins like these and u will always remain the best,keep it up bro,thanks 4 d text,i love u 2

  3. Christy Kana says:

    Guy page is nice i must comment.Keep it up

  4. ogbi says:

    well am not surprised 4 ur achievemen becos God is on ur side and you are a genius in this business.

  5. afolabi onabokun (afooo) says:

    omo, you be ALAN POSA!. KOOL ONE .

  6. afolabi onabokun (afooo) says:

    wait a minute, u think am surprise with this? NO WAY. I know your taste&value. the sky is never your limit! See you at the TOP.

  7. Olayinka says:

    Nice one baba…pretty impressed, hope biz makes us cross path sometime soon.
    Keep it up!!

  8. Seun Akinlotan says:

    I read ur reflection on MJ’s life and I wanted to say that was really brilliant….however I expected you to reflect on his lifestyle the past few years…it is a big lesson to us all because we never know who’s next….My prayer is that he’ll rest in perfect peace and God will make our latter greater than our beginning.

  9. Babajide Adewale says:

    Hello Dele,
    Two paragraph is too small to write about you. This is just being humble, I like your page and the trend and exploits in tsaboin tech world. keep the flag up man. I believe in you.

  10. Segun Akiode says:

    Dele, a short profile I must say.

  11. attisudavies says:

    Always an Inspiration in his own way.

  12. Obasan Leke says:

    i am really very happy to see this spurring up

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