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The Managing Director of Intercontinental Bank Plc Dr. Erastus Akingbola, on saturday 28th of May 2008, at the “Dare to be Different” National Youth Forum organized by Rise Network (covered by Photo Esteem of tsaboin tech world) devoted a lot of minutes to educating youths on the Major Reforms the education sector of this nation should focus on.

Quoting this daddy

Economic Development is equivalent to higher and better education.

Which Education could he talking about?

  • Entreprenueral Education
  • Investment Education: where he said “Only An Investor Can Be Wealthy” and why we should focus on stock, real estate and SME
  • Social Value Education: This is where integrity (Heb 13:5) and Obedience to Law comes in
  • Responsible Sex Life: How rubbish sexual perversions have eroded our lives. Our education, religious and cultural beliefs doesn’t conform with this nonsense way of living.
  • Social Responsibility
    Work Ethics
  • He went on to discuss on a laundry list on University of Life, You need to consult Toyosi Akerele for more of the delivered Keynote.

    But I was really blessed to be there. You missed.

    I’ll be back later for more yarns for you.


    Eyin T’emi, Ko easy. The only Nigerian Artist to perform at Nelson Mandela’s 90th Birthday Concert in London . In attendance, 46664 people. Where you’ll be you’ll be for sure, no matter what. This is barely six months after he came to the fore-front of the music industry like BANG!!!

    Funny Car with Maximum Security (Rear)
    On my way home 16th Day of May 2007, my eyes witness something it hasn’t seen before. Lo and behold a car with add-ons the original maker of the car missed out. Please, Laugh!!!Funny Car with Maximum Security (Front View)