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There is One Man, There is One Woman, There is One House. There is no trust. There is insecurity. There is conflict. And there is resolution. And deep within, there is Love.

Its about how husband and wife should withstand external influences in their marriage and manage conflict. If not it leads to hostility as seen in this movie.


Jokes on Different Strokes

Posted: August 11, 2008 in Entertainment, Fun
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A rolling stone ……… na person push am.
A stitch in time…….. dey prevent further tear tear.
Birds of the same feather……… na the same mama born dem.
One good turn……… na power steering be that.
A bird in hand…….. na christmas chicken food be that.
He who laughs last…….. na mumu. Why him no catch the joke at the first time and laugh when others dey laugh?
The patient dog…….. Na hunger go kill am….

Bernie Mac“The world just got a little less funny. He will be dearly missed.” Says George Clooney as his Ocean’s co-star Bernie Mac, 50, died of complications from pneumonia at a Chicago-area hospital yesterday morning.

The comedian and actor was diagnosed in 1993 with sarcoidosis disease, an autoimmune disorder that can cause inflammation of organs such as the lymph nodes and lungs, but the disease was currently in remission and was reportedly not the cause of his pneumonia.

I have watched Bernie Mac in a lot of movies, but I liked him more when he played the role of the father in-law to a white guy(Ashton Kutcher) in Guess Who, where the two of them had a lot of issues getting along (due to their race), but were able to overcome them.

I like ‘Bad Santa’ a lot. Esp. all those funny stuff Tom pulled.

The world is going to miss this 1 nigger.