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Google Chrome is out

Posted: September 3, 2008 in Technology
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Yesterday, Google Google released Chrome, the next generation browser. This browser is a total knock off to almighty Internet Explorer that comes default with out Windows OS. This browser has just rekindled the war for the throne of the King of Browsersphere.

For Chrome, HTML rendering is not yet there for me. While I have just spent 2 hrs using it, was impressed, I know I might meet some unimpressive feature or missout more. I’ll let you know.

I’m a sucker for Firefox esp the Version 3, which allows for plugins esp YSLOW, Alexa, and almighty Firebug not to talk of Video Leech and Greasy Monkey. If I rely on Chrome am I going to get my Wed Developer feel or the sleeky feel.

While I still prefer Chrome (still awaiting the stable version) to IE anyday,Moz Firefox still holds the Kingship.

Note me, facebook will soon want to come out with their own browser. And tsaboin browser too will follow!!!

Google Chrome is about to beat the best, but still have a lot to trail on Moz!!!

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