I worked for few years during my university days and few months after graduation before setting out to be my own CEO. And since then, I have been in a position where in I get to advice a lot of my friends (that are in high paying jobs and wonder how I keep up with the low income from my business) on how it’s a SINK or SWIM game. The number of people I advice increased within the first 18months of operation when my business began to experience landmark growths and expansions despite my own icebergs. This section of Pastor Dele’s ALGORITHM perfectly describes part of the strategies I applied then, so I believe you’ll find it very resourceful.

No enterprise is unsinkable; the Titanic sank its first time out. Plenty of entrepreneurs have made and lost millions on their rise to the top.
But when you act like a CEO, you’ll create such a solid foundation and framework for your business that only en enormous iceberg could knock you off course.

  • Assess your strengths and challenges: The stability of your business comes not only from how you handle day-to-day routines, but more importantly, from how you engage your strengths when an iceberg pops up unexpectedly. Challenges may involve limited expertise, competition or getting along with a difficult client. By knowing what you have in reserve and frequently reassessing the waters ahead of you, you can manoeuvre with confidence. Be honest with yourself. A fair, honest assessment will help you develop the necessary strengths or marshal the outside resources you’ll need.
  • Be willing to risk hitting icebergs: You have to sail before you can fail. You can manoeuvre around icebergs, but if you never leave the dock, you’ll never have an enterprise to keep afloat. If you’re not out there in a big way, you won’t risk but you also won’t win. Often it’s not hitting the iceberg but the fear of hitting it that drowns you. How many people resist changing jobs only to realize after they do that it was the best decision they ever made?
  • Have a rescue plan: Knowing and planning for the worst contingency alleviates the worry that can prevent you from making bold choices. When I start out in business knowing you wouldn’t sink entirely will give you courage.
  • Write your rescue plan: Look at your savings, your earnings and how long you’ll need to float your business before it generates adequate income. You’re probably in better shape than you suspect. If not, you have two choices:
    • Go all in any way or
    • Set a reasonable time period to succeed then engage your rescue plan. Just don’t bail out too early or too easily. Either way, atleast you’ve launched your ship.

Do you think you need to quit what you are doing and do something better with you skills? Think again! When done, you can give me a call and we can chat and see what you can fashion out before planning to hit the iceberg.


Come to the brightness of our meteoric rise: rise in competence, rise in relevance, rise in operations and rise in opportunities.

Connect with all the possibilities and dimensions that our business environment offers now and in the future.

Our clients, customers, partners, proteges, offspring, have come from afar off; our impact has gone beyond the shores of our nation.

Our operations meet global standards of effectiveness, efficiency and dignity.

Our business has assumed an international dimension and connects with the major economic centres on the earth: China, India, UK, USA and South Africa.

Our gates of influence in delivering ERP, HR, Business Process Improvement and Workflow solutions in Media, IT, Commerce, Energy, Education, Medical and Entertainment has earned us local and international recognition.

By infusing our thought wealth of experience and our IT biased nature into your business, there is bound to be excellent product!!!

We offer SaaS products that will not impact your IT budget for 2011 yet making your balance sheet size obviously huge.

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CEOs promote their company and their achievements. They know that buyers don’t want to purchase from losers. Announcing your achievements may feel boastful, but can you imagine Oprah or Gates being shy about broadcasting their triumphs?

With humility, let your target market know any time you score – whether it’s finishing a high-profile project, winning a relevant award or expanding your services. Who you know is important, but even more important is who knows you. Achievements are your resume and they expand your credibility. Announcing your achievements also validates the choices people have made on your behalf – the business who hired you or the client who recommended you wants to know he made a bet on a winner.

– Write a note. Send newsworthy communications to your clients, friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances. Be concise, stir in a little humor, and people will look forward to receiving your news,

– Roll out a news flash. Craft short, punchy message or place a hyperlinked tagline under your email signature to take recipients to your website.

If you need help with any of these suggestions: send a mail to dele@nextekplatforms.com or call 08096654180 for FREE consultancy at www.nextekplatforms.com
An excerpt from Pastor Dele Osunmakinde’s latest book… ALGORITHM


If there’s any music video I will rate as my favorite after D’banj f/Snoop video, it just have to be 2Face’s “Ma lo ro pe”. Not that the video is all that and all that. But hey, I like its elegance in simplicity.

The other sweet part of the music/video apart from the fact that we suspect the music was targeted at Chelsea’s Mikel Obi, is frame 0:58s, where the lyrics says “Secret society na in break us all” and this picture flashed:

I’m sorry to offend you oh if your IDed your dad in that roster. There must be a mix up somewhere if you are sure he doesnt belong to any secret society. Anyways…. I was just having fun…


Watched this video for the first time last week Monday on Youtube. I must confess, the video raised the bar too high. Thumbs up to D’banj and the MoHits Crew.

While watching the video, the excellence in the video almost made me loose site of this shot at the frame 1:18s.

The Passport given to him in 2011 expired in 2007

Did you notice:
Date of Issue: 02 May 2002
Date of Expiry: 02 May 2007

Maybe, just maybe, the scenarios could be:
1. Snoop forgot his expired passport in Nigeria, nephew D’banj brought it to him because He’s so endowed.
2. Snoop sent his nephew D’banj to get him a passport, nephew D’banj brought a fake on for him, doctored by a lazy photoshop guy, who left the error deliberately because nephew D’banj is so endowed he might forget to pay him balance because he’ll trip around the world with Uncle Oluwasnoop.
3. But if you notice, nephew D’banj collected the key to that mansion from his Uncle snoop and in return gave him an expired passport (frame 1:16s) that has a ticket in it (frame 1:17s) and a boarding pass (frame 1:19s)… Could mean that they all just arrived the US, wherein Uncle Oluwasnoop came in with and expired passport, escaped the authorities, leaving his passport, while nephew D’banj went to get it for him because he’s so endowed and can pull that off. (Remember, “I’m D’banj”. Yes he’s D’banj, the Koko Master).

Just having fun with the video. Bottom line is, D’banj is too much and the over-tight dey worry the video.

Loving every part of it.

Enjoy the video here:


I’m going to title this “Armored Case”, because this log was inspired by the movie Armored (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0913354/). I just watched it after a long time of keeping it and I must confess, its a movie that’s worth both your time and your money.

Amored In Brief
A user review at IMDB read “Guards working at armored truck company move vast amounts of cash. Guards see opportunity to retire as millionaires, one of them is too honest to go along with it all, and a well-laid plan goes to hell.” So that gives you an idea of what the movie is all about if you haven’t watched it.

But I’m dedicating this article to Nigerians that thinks Nigerian movies sucks on the point of the movie content.

Point A
You see, Movies can be made to tell a story of something real or something fictional. So when you watch some Nigerian movies featuring Emmanuel France or Fadeyi Oloro, doing some juju stuff. You put up a face like “awww”,”ugly sight”,”bush people”,”is that what Nigeria is all about?”.
My question is, are we saying movies like Steal, Italian Job, Armored are telling us, “money isn’t safe in America”, “America is full of crap”, “You walk on the street of America, they gun you down?”, “A car might hit you like in the movies”. And we call those “Cool”. Even “Harry Porter” is cool. Abi no be so?
End Point
Forget it, its just movies. In Nigeria, there is juju, they gotta make movie about it and sell, but that doesn’t mean the only thing here is juju or Patience Ozonkwo’s characters around here. Okay?! And that doesn’t mean you’ll get shot the minute you enter America or even before you leave.

Point B
Goofs: We are so obsessed with the goofs in the Nigerian movies, assisted by our media and our pointless statuses on social network, about how crap “our” own movies are. But have you ever taken time to notice the goofs in American movies? That they don’t make media mouth about? Or don’t see crying over it?
Watch “The Expendables” and “Departed”, you don’t even need goofs from IMDB to spot the location, continuity and studio errors. Not to talk about the craps their stupid directors sell to us. And these are star-studded Hollywood movies o!
This one is very common, Actor vs Boss: Boss sends out 7 big guys to beat up a tiny “Actor” guy. And they all wait their turn for the beating of their lives. Why can’t they all just pounce on him (Actor o) and beat the hell out of him. But up till now, its the same way both low end and big directors produce Oyinbo films o.
End Point
Forget it,the goof doesn’t stop the movie from being a great movie, just follow the story-line. Haba.

Point C
If Nigeria is all about 419 scams and Juju stuffs and is unsafe. Then America is all about guns and robbery and is unsafe. Because, that is what we see in movies. Right?!
End Point
FORGET IT. That’s not true.

Sit back, enjoy the movie and its story line. Nigerian Movie o, American Movie o, Indian Movie o. Just enjoy the movie, and forget the goofs. They all shall continue to get better.

Movies are for making money via entertainment, and if you ain’t entertained, stop watching and do something else instead of complaining and poisoning other people’s point of view.
If you used money to buy ticket or DVD of the movie you are complaining about. Then its your fault. I don’t expect you to see it from this point of view, but they didn’t force money out of your pocket in exchange for the crap you watched. It was your decision, don’t take it out on somebody else. And, if you got it free… Lucky you.
Movies are movies, producers gotta make money, Naija, India o, America o, UK o. Anywhere, its all about the money and the minute anyone’s position is threatening the oyinbo guys position when it comes to money making, they make bad mouth about it and guess what? The people that makes noise about it most are Nigerian’s because we like to sound like we are making sense.
To cover for this, they said, its not about the money but content. And that the content of our movies’ corrupting other African countries while their own content is corrupting the entire world.

We don’t have content issues. Period.

If the message they want us to pass around is “Don’t buy Nigerian movies, they are crap”, then … FORGET IT!!!

Light on CSR

Posted: September 19, 2010 in Corporate, General
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Are you Socially Responsible? Read more on CSR on wikipedia. You’ll see that it doesn’t require you to be a big corporation to do be involved in community development.

(Agbaj’wo l’afin san’ya: building confidence/stronghold in unification)

Earlier, the better:

I remember growing up in Abeokuta, myself and couple of friends (esp in RA, BSF and Rock Force, cultivated) the habit of celebrating our birthdays in very remote villages, prisons, remand homes and motherless baby homes.

Being part of some youth organizations, I have continued this effort to some extents in the last 3yrs.

Sharing Life Issues with Chaz B:

Sharing Life Issues with Chaz B, a radio program that has extended to saving life has really touched a lot of lives on air. Moved with their efforts, I knew they could do more with little input I could put in, I then dedicated a website to this effect, http://www.sharinglifeissues.com

Along with TIEN Initiatives of CBP, sharing life issues has been organizing Counselling Sessions, Community services etc. They even have baskets at malls and public places for donation “still good” used clothes, shoes etc for distributions to the needy.

The radio show has showcased NGOs doing outstanding stuffs out there that you can plugin to. Call 0700-CALLCHAZB or 08139009000 or mail me.

I mean, people are doing stuffs, what about you? Gifts and provisions worth NGN2k isn’t too much. Just visit Hearts of Gold or Ile Aanu at Gbajumo,Off Adeniran Ogunsanya.

Solar Jooce:

Recently I partnered with Mr.David Agbakoba(USA) and Mrs. Anne Osagie (Nigeria) of Solar Jooce, an NGO dedicated to helping the less priviledged living in areas without electricity, by providing them with Solar Lamps sponsored by well-meaning Nigerians Individuals that knows what it means to be Socially Responsible.

(Visit http://www.solarjooce.com today to sponsor a community)

CSR in Action:

I was also involved in the development of a website for Mrs. Bekeme Olowola of RedBee Communications. The website, CSR in Action (www.csrinaction.com), educates and informs individuals, NGO, government and corporate bodies of CSR opportunities around us and showcases organization’s CSR efforts.

You can also visit this site to find where you can be relevant to the society without leaving the comfort of your beautiful homes/offices.


Enough being said about those that I know, there are a lot that I don’t know. We do not need to be an octopus to reach out to others.

Do not wait until some deed of greatness you may do. Do not wait shine the light afar. To the few responsibilities near you be true. Brighten the corner where you are.

The development of our nation takes communial effort. Be a significant part of it. You don’t have to be a public office holder or a big director to do this.

One minute test:

Is your heart telling you to do something about it? Have you chosen a date instantly?
If your answer is yes with a date, then you have a good heart.
If your answers is different from the one mentioned above, then….read the question again until your answer is yes with a date.

Let’s build our Future.

God bless you. God bless Nigeria.