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I worked for few years during my university days and few months after graduation before setting out to be my own CEO. And since then, I have been in a position where in I get to advice a lot of my friends (that are in high paying jobs and wonder how I keep up with the low income from my business) on how it’s a SINK or SWIM game. The number of people I advice increased within the first 18months of operation when my business began to experience landmark growths and expansions despite my own icebergs. This section of Pastor Dele’s ALGORITHM perfectly describes part of the strategies I applied then, so I believe you’ll find it very resourceful.

No enterprise is unsinkable; the Titanic sank its first time out. Plenty of entrepreneurs have made and lost millions on their rise to the top.
But when you act like a CEO, you’ll create such a solid foundation and framework for your business that only en enormous iceberg could knock you off course.

  • Assess your strengths and challenges: The stability of your business comes not only from how you handle day-to-day routines, but more importantly, from how you engage your strengths when an iceberg pops up unexpectedly. Challenges may involve limited expertise, competition or getting along with a difficult client. By knowing what you have in reserve and frequently reassessing the waters ahead of you, you can manoeuvre with confidence. Be honest with yourself. A fair, honest assessment will help you develop the necessary strengths or marshal the outside resources you’ll need.
  • Be willing to risk hitting icebergs: You have to sail before you can fail. You can manoeuvre around icebergs, but if you never leave the dock, you’ll never have an enterprise to keep afloat. If you’re not out there in a big way, you won’t risk but you also won’t win. Often it’s not hitting the iceberg but the fear of hitting it that drowns you. How many people resist changing jobs only to realize after they do that it was the best decision they ever made?
  • Have a rescue plan: Knowing and planning for the worst contingency alleviates the worry that can prevent you from making bold choices. When I start out in business knowing you wouldn’t sink entirely will give you courage.
  • Write your rescue plan: Look at your savings, your earnings and how long you’ll need to float your business before it generates adequate income. You’re probably in better shape than you suspect. If not, you have two choices:
    • Go all in any way or
    • Set a reasonable time period to succeed then engage your rescue plan. Just don’t bail out too early or too easily. Either way, atleast you’ve launched your ship.

Do you think you need to quit what you are doing and do something better with you skills? Think again! When done, you can give me a call and we can chat and see what you can fashion out before planning to hit the iceberg.


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CEOs promote their company and their achievements. They know that buyers don’t want to purchase from losers. Announcing your achievements may feel boastful, but can you imagine Oprah or Gates being shy about broadcasting their triumphs?

With humility, let your target market know any time you score – whether it’s finishing a high-profile project, winning a relevant award or expanding your services. Who you know is important, but even more important is who knows you. Achievements are your resume and they expand your credibility. Announcing your achievements also validates the choices people have made on your behalf – the business who hired you or the client who recommended you wants to know he made a bet on a winner.

– Write a note. Send newsworthy communications to your clients, friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances. Be concise, stir in a little humor, and people will look forward to receiving your news,

– Roll out a news flash. Craft short, punchy message or place a hyperlinked tagline under your email signature to take recipients to your website.

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An excerpt from Pastor Dele Osunmakinde’s latest book… ALGORITHM

The Managing Director of Intercontinental Bank Plc Dr. Erastus Akingbola, on saturday 28th of May 2008, at the “Dare to be Different” National Youth Forum organized by Rise Network (covered by Photo Esteem of tsaboin tech world) devoted a lot of minutes to educating youths on the Major Reforms the education sector of this nation should focus on.

Quoting this daddy

Economic Development is equivalent to higher and better education.

Which Education could he talking about?

  • Entreprenueral Education
  • Investment Education: where he said “Only An Investor Can Be Wealthy” and why we should focus on stock, real estate and SME
  • Social Value Education: This is where integrity (Heb 13:5) and Obedience to Law comes in
  • Responsible Sex Life: How rubbish sexual perversions have eroded our lives. Our education, religious and cultural beliefs doesn’t conform with this nonsense way of living.
  • Social Responsibility
    Work Ethics
  • He went on to discuss on a laundry list on University of Life, You need to consult Toyosi Akerele for more of the delivered Keynote.

    But I was really blessed to be there. You missed.

    I’ll be back later for more yarns for you.