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I’m going to title this “Armored Case”, because this log was inspired by the movie Armored ( I just watched it after a long time of keeping it and I must confess, its a movie that’s worth both your time and your money.

Amored In Brief
A user review at IMDB read “Guards working at armored truck company move vast amounts of cash. Guards see opportunity to retire as millionaires, one of them is too honest to go along with it all, and a well-laid plan goes to hell.” So that gives you an idea of what the movie is all about if you haven’t watched it.

But I’m dedicating this article to Nigerians that thinks Nigerian movies sucks on the point of the movie content.

Point A
You see, Movies can be made to tell a story of something real or something fictional. So when you watch some Nigerian movies featuring Emmanuel France or Fadeyi Oloro, doing some juju stuff. You put up a face like “awww”,”ugly sight”,”bush people”,”is that what Nigeria is all about?”.
My question is, are we saying movies like Steal, Italian Job, Armored are telling us, “money isn’t safe in America”, “America is full of crap”, “You walk on the street of America, they gun you down?”, “A car might hit you like in the movies”. And we call those “Cool”. Even “Harry Porter” is cool. Abi no be so?
End Point
Forget it, its just movies. In Nigeria, there is juju, they gotta make movie about it and sell, but that doesn’t mean the only thing here is juju or Patience Ozonkwo’s characters around here. Okay?! And that doesn’t mean you’ll get shot the minute you enter America or even before you leave.

Point B
Goofs: We are so obsessed with the goofs in the Nigerian movies, assisted by our media and our pointless statuses on social network, about how crap “our” own movies are. But have you ever taken time to notice the goofs in American movies? That they don’t make media mouth about? Or don’t see crying over it?
Watch “The Expendables” and “Departed”, you don’t even need goofs from IMDB to spot the location, continuity and studio errors. Not to talk about the craps their stupid directors sell to us. And these are star-studded Hollywood movies o!
This one is very common, Actor vs Boss: Boss sends out 7 big guys to beat up a tiny “Actor” guy. And they all wait their turn for the beating of their lives. Why can’t they all just pounce on him (Actor o) and beat the hell out of him. But up till now, its the same way both low end and big directors produce Oyinbo films o.
End Point
Forget it,the goof doesn’t stop the movie from being a great movie, just follow the story-line. Haba.

Point C
If Nigeria is all about 419 scams and Juju stuffs and is unsafe. Then America is all about guns and robbery and is unsafe. Because, that is what we see in movies. Right?!
End Point
FORGET IT. That’s not true.

Sit back, enjoy the movie and its story line. Nigerian Movie o, American Movie o, Indian Movie o. Just enjoy the movie, and forget the goofs. They all shall continue to get better.

Movies are for making money via entertainment, and if you ain’t entertained, stop watching and do something else instead of complaining and poisoning other people’s point of view.
If you used money to buy ticket or DVD of the movie you are complaining about. Then its your fault. I don’t expect you to see it from this point of view, but they didn’t force money out of your pocket in exchange for the crap you watched. It was your decision, don’t take it out on somebody else. And, if you got it free… Lucky you.
Movies are movies, producers gotta make money, Naija, India o, America o, UK o. Anywhere, its all about the money and the minute anyone’s position is threatening the oyinbo guys position when it comes to money making, they make bad mouth about it and guess what? The people that makes noise about it most are Nigerian’s because we like to sound like we are making sense.
To cover for this, they said, its not about the money but content. And that the content of our movies’ corrupting other African countries while their own content is corrupting the entire world.

We don’t have content issues. Period.

If the message they want us to pass around is “Don’t buy Nigerian movies, they are crap”, then … FORGET IT!!!